Product care


All E.L.F ZHOU LONDON ‘s lingerie pieces and leather accessories are handmade in our London Atelier using a variety of special materials, and therefore require special care when cleaning. Follow these instructions to ensure your garments are kept beautiful. Returns will not be accepted for any items that are not cared for as instructed.

We recommend the following tips to keep your E.L.F ZHOU items looking fabulous!



Hand wash cold using a specialist lingerie laundry detergent.

Be aware that hot washing can easily shrink your lingerie.

Never use fabric conditioner on silk items, as this can deteriorate the fabric.

Whilst washing, fasten hook and eyes to avoid them catching on anything.

Do not wring your garment. Air-dry your lingerie by hanging it, or laying it on a flat, clean surface.

To avoid any misshaping, ensure you re-shape foam cups whilst damp.

Do not be tempted to tumble dry or use any excessive heat.



We work with some great suppliers and the leather we use for lingerie , bodywear and accessories are all sourced as a by-product of the meat industry.  They are 100% Italian nappa and cowhide leather.
Every item in our Leather Artefact collection is polished and finished along all edges to the highest standard, ensuring your favourite E.L.F Zhou London leather will continue to look strong and nourished.

As a natural material, leather with change its texture with age. Avoid contact with moisture and oils. Care for leather with saddle soap.

Specialist clean only. Avoid contact with moisture, water, make up or oils. Please note leather as a natural material will change its texture with age.

Do not store leather products in plastic bags, as it’s important that they can “breath”. We recommend storing your leather products inside a soft cloth bag, in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.. Please never use soaps or detergents on your leather products, but rather gently wipe your item with a clean, soft damp cloth or baby wipe. Should the leather get wet, do not dry with heat, but let it dry slowly under natural circumstances.

Clean your leather lingerie, bodywear and accessories product every few months with a clean, lint-free soft cloth, with a leather care & conditioner (one made specifically for exotic skins). Apply several light even coats on the skin, letting it dry between applications. Best if stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight.



The value of a freshwater pearl is based on its shape, size, color and luster of the nacre. Because the freshwater pearl was started with human assistance it is still considered to be a cultured pearl. Freshwater pearls come in variety of colors and shapes. Naturally occurring colors are cream, pink, peach, lavender and white. Any dark or bright colors are enhancements from irradiating or dying. Both of these processes are safe for the user and wear well.

Clean your pearls after each wearing.

Simply wipe with a soft cloth, microfiber jewelry cloth or chamois, either damp or dry, to remove any skin oils or dirt. A drop of olive oil on the cloth can be used to help maintain the luster.

If damp, lay them on a soft cloth to dry before storing. If they are strung on silk be aware that silk shrinks if it gets wet but will also stretch if hung to dry.

Avoid using cleaners, detergents, brushes and ultrasound cleaners.

(See our pearl certificate here)