Tanbi Petal Leather Skirt


This skirt is everything you need for sophisticated seduction. Vintage and glamorous, the skirt is constructed from a blend of rectangular panels in Nappa leather, stretch silk and French leavers lace. Panelled seams create a form-fitting shape while the wide silk waistband leaves room to breathe. Closure with an 24k plated gold closure at the back, pair with Overlay Crop Top to complete the look.

This collection explores the beauty and intricacy of traditional Japanese prints and paintings, particularly those of the Ukiyo-e period in the 19th century. The exquisite colours, patterns and shapes found in these magnificent prints have directly inspired the details in this collection, which have been exclusively designed in house by E.L.F ZHOU team.

The intricate patterned lace also expresses the high level of detail typically found in Japanese prints from this period, while the use of leather and lace carries forward our signature details into this new season collection.

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